Chicken Bone!

Well, not really, but it is what we have been calling Asa’s newest chewing toy from Nylabone.  Over the last week or so Asa has started to lose his puppy teeth which means his chewing has increased.  Hard chew toys are now off limits in order to protect his new adult choppers.  Chuck Billy was very happy with this and enjoyed having all his favorite chew bones exclusively to himself.  That is until we brought home the Chicken Bone!

The Chicken Bone is actually a chicken flavored soft chew bone made by Nylabone.  It is specifically made for teeth puppies and has been a big hit with Asa.  It has given him an appropriate toy to channel his urge to chew everything.  Everyone is happy, except Chuck Billy.

Chicken Flavored Puppy Teething Bone

Chicken Flavored Puppy Teething Bone

Of course the new toy attracted the attention of Chuck Billy who was quite upset he did not get one.  For good reason though, his strong bite and big adult teeth would have the soft Nylabone in pieces in no time flat.  Our biggest problem now is keeping the Chicken Bone away from him which is not as easy as it sounds.  Asa likes to run around with the bone and slap Chuck Billy in the face with it.  An obvious insult that Chuck Billy must address with a quick grab of the bone followed by a game of keep away.  We have taken to putting the bone inside Asa’s crate when not in use.  Chuck Billy sees this as a challenge and works with singular focus pawing at it until he can bite on to it through the crate and yank it out.  Ultimately the bone serves not only as Asa’s teething toy but as a way to tire Chuck Billy out, at least mentally.

Once Asa has stopped teething we have promised to let Chuck Billy have his fun and destroy it- under supervision of course.  Until then it is going to provide plenty of comedy for us.


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