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Is your dog’s collar looking a bit worse for wear after a summer filled with rolling in the sand and hiking dusty trails?  Would you like a unique collar to make your pup the envy of the dog park?  Or just want to celebrate the start of a new season with a new look?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then check out the beautiful handmade collars at Go Fetch Co.  Recently we sat down with Kate, the creator of Go Fetch Co., to ask her about these unique and durable dog collars.

LWAG: What is the story behind Go Fetch Co?

Kate: I have to be candid – I never woke up one morning and thought to myself “gee, I should make a business selling dog collars.”  There was never that “Eureka!” moment.  For me, I started making dog collars because I was disappointed with the current options.  I once found a defect in a collar I had purchased at a big name pet store.  When I called to report the issue, it seemed as though they wanted to get me off the phone as soon as possible.  Furthermore, the mystery person on the other line did not seem phased by the fact that this defect is a safety issue.  That really upset me.  So I got thinking about dog collars themselves.  I can’t say I had given them much thought before then.  Dog collars are one of the most important ways we keep our pups safe.  When on leash, they keep our buddies from jumping in front of a car, and off leash, they carry our contact information so that our pups have the best chance of finding their way home.

Dog collars are both safety and identity.  When you think about it, dog collars are really important both functionally and metaphorically.  With that in mind, I decided that I would like my pups to sport collars that are both safe and unique.

LWAG: Excellent point, collars are much more than just a fashion statement.  But what makes your dog collars different from the rest?

Kate: My dog collars are different from the rest because they are both safe and unique.  I bet every dog parent, myself included, would boast that their pup is truly one of a kind.  So, why do we all buy the same boring and uninspired collars from big name brands?  I’m very happy to be the other option.  My collars are made by hand just for you, so no two collars are the same!

Go Fetch Co. collars are all handmade on a heavy duty sewing machine with heavy weight webbing, and extra strong bonded nylon thread commonly used for upholstery.  I use premium quality, heavy duty buckles, and nickel plated steel welded D-rings to ensure our collars’ durability for your pup’s safety and your peace of mind.  To ensure the strength of my product, I conducted what I like to call “The Brothers Test.”  I had my two grown brothers each grab one side of a collar and try their best to rip it to shreds.  When they finally gave up in defeat, I knew I had made the collar I had set out to.

LWAG: I admit when I saw your display at the NHSPCA’s Paws Walk, I was first drawn in by the colors and patterns, and impressed when you told me about the materials used to make them durable.  However, what really struck me was when one woman asked about your sign proclaiming you made custom collars, and then proceeded to give you very specific details about the type of plaid she wanted for her Scottish Terrier.  At this busy event, with potential customers for immediate sales everywhere, you took the time to listen to her needs and assure her that you could find that plaid.  It’s hard to find that type of customer service these days.

Where can your Go Fetch Co. dog collars be purchased?  And how can Living with a Golden followers order a custom collar for their dogs?

Kate: My collars can be purchased on Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/GoFetchCo.  

I love custom orders!  Just last month, I was contacted by a nice man named John, regarding his dog Piper.  John wanted a red collar, but in a shade that wasn’t too girly and wasn’t too dark.  He also wanted Piper’s name laser engraved in leather and sewn onto the collar, which is a unique feature I’m happy to offer!  After working with John and Piper, I took pride in sending him the perfect collar, made just for Piper.  Shortly after, he sent me a review on Etsy.  To this day, I have it taped to the door of my closet, which is converted into a workshop.

Piper and I love his new custom collar. Seller responded extremely fast and designed/made a collar to my dog’s specific dimensions and to my style. Kate bent over backward to ensure the final product was exact and she delivered. I found this shop in person at SoWa in Boston and was certainly a pleasant surprise. Thank you again Kate!

It’s experiences like this that keep me excited about the opportunities to make collars.

LWAG: In addition to John’s, there are many other great reviews for your collars on Etsy, as well as photos of your tail wagging customers wearing them.

Kate: I love to see pictures of happy pup-stomers on Instagram!  You can check us out on Instagram: @GoFetch.

LWAG: Now that we know more about your collars.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your dog.

Kate: I’ve been raising guide dogs for the blind since I was in high school, so I’ve been around dogs for a very long time.  I’m currently in my second year of medical school at Tufts and have been making collars to help defray some of my school costs.  It’s been a really great way to relax and be creative in my limited free time.  I feel like since I spend so much time studying, doing something with my hands is a really nice change of pace.

My dog, Clara, is the inspiration for Go Fetch Co. I searched high and low for collars but nothing I found truly matched her personality.  Finally I decided to try to make her one myself, and then another, and another.

LWAG: Thank you Kate for taking the time to answer my questions, and best wishes with your studies this semester!

If you would like to learn more about Kate’s unique handmade dog collars, order from her current colorful collection or request a custom order, please visit Go Fetch Co. on Etsy.

This is a sample of the colorful collars available from Go Fetch Co., to see more please visit them on Etsy.

This is just a sample of the colorful collars available from Go Fetch Co. this past summer at the NHSPCA Paws Walk.  To see more unique dog collars, please visit Go Fetch Co. on Etsy.


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