Knots of Fun Are Lots of Fun

On snowy and rainy days when playing outside is not an option, our go to dog toy is Knots of Fun by Happy Hands Happy Dogs.  These made in the USA, colorful braided fleece toys are a favorite of Chuck Billy and Asa.  Our first Knots of Fun got us through Asa’s teething stage.  We received our second Knots of Fun as a Christmas gift last year, and it has withstood a year of wrestling with two energetic Golden Retrievers.  Therefore, if you’re looking for a great gift for your dog, Living with a Golden highly recommends Knots of Fun!

Created by Lisa Kamer for her beloved Corgis, Leo and Jenny, Happy Hands Happy Dogs toys are perfect for dogs who like to nibble on soft things, serious tuggers who like to play, and are a great toy for fetch on the beach because they float!  Even cats have admitted to playing with this fun toy.  They come in three options: Tug Toy, Ring Toy, or Chuck Billy and Asa’s favorite the Follow Me Toy.  You can find their colorful display in stores across the country by simply logging on to their store locator.  Or purchase Knots of Fun online at Happy Hands Happy Dogs.

Knots of Fun: Dog Tested and Owner Approved!


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Joy is the personal secretary, executive chef and entertainment coordinator for Chuck Billy and his entourage.

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