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Some of you may have noticed from pictures in previous posts that I do not use a traditional dog leash.  Instead I prefer to use a Multifunctional Leash often used by professional trainers, K9 handlers, and military working dogs.  I purchased this leash when I was training Chuck Billy to do nose work.  But I soon found it very useful for most situations with my dogs.

The snaps and O-rings provide many options for using it.  For example, the leash clip can be attached to one of the floating O-rings to create a loop that can be used over one shoulder, across your body, and under the opposite armpit.  This allows for hands free walking.  When walking on busy sidewalks, the leash can easily be folded and snapped to an O-ring to create a shorter 3.5 ft leash.  Another option is using the Multifunctional Leash around your waist like a belt.  I have not tried this, because it reduces your control if the dogs unexpectedly lunge forward.  However, I have friends who are avid joggers that say this function is very useful with a well-trained dog.

Another use is as a tether.  Wrap the Multifunctional Leash around a secured object, and simply snap the hook on the handle to one of the O-rings.  However, under no circumstance should you leave your dog unattended while tethered.

Finally the Multifunctional Leash is perfect for walking multiple dogs.  Either attach the Tandem Leash Extension as described in an earlier post, or you can attach one dog to each leash snap and hold the leash in the middle.

Although purchased for training purposes, the Multifunctional Leash has become my go-to leash for when I’m out with my dogs, and I highly recommend it.

LWAG Multipurpose Leash


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