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In honor of Mother’s Day I’d like to share an email my brother Lemmy sent his biological Mom, Butter.  Lemmy was the ultimate “Momma’s Boy,” and would email his mother for every holiday…and I do mean every!  Who emails his mother to wish her a Happy Groundhog’s Day?!  However, Lemmy did teach me it is good to keep in touch with my Momma Sage.  Not every dog is lucky enough to stay in touch with their biological Mom after they leave the whelping box.  If you happen to have this information about your four legged mother, might I suggest sending her a selfie this weekend?  Mother’s Day isn’t only for human moms, and it would sure make her tail wag.  Just don’t get obsessed like Lemmy and feel the need to email her on Flag Day too!

May 10, 2009

Dear Momma Butter,

I just wanted to wish the Best Mom in the World, Happy Mother’s Day!  Since I cannot spend the day with you, I’ll spend it with my adopted Mom.  Although I have the feeling she won’t be taking me to the dog park today.  Last time we went I decided to have a little “me time” in the wading pool.  So I gently nudged out the other dogs, and laid down in the cool refreshing water.  For some reason Mom wasn’t too pleased with me.  She said something about it wasn’t nice to not share with the other dogs.  Worst yet, she really got upset when I greeted a woman in a white dress as a “big soggy mess.”  Not sure why she was so grumpy.  It would have been rude not to say hello to that woman!

Love, Lemmy

Dearest Lemmy,

I am so proud, look at how all your friends are gathered around admiring you.  What a swimmer and natural born leader.  With your special gifts you must be mindful of your responsibilities to set examples to others.  You are the only one who remembered Momma on Mother’s Day, despite your busy schedule.  It goes without saying that Aunt Pansy’s children did nothing and she spent the day trying to pretend that they didn’t exist.  I, however, spent the day with my mother, Rose, swimming, playing, eating and of course thinking of you.

All Mommy’s Love,

Momma Butter

Lemmy showing off his “leadership skills” to his “admirers” at the dog park. Only his Momma Butter would praise that behavior!

Lemmy had a special relationship with Momma Butter, and cherished the photo of the night when he was born.


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