Mr. Not So Perfect

Asa here.  You’ve probably noticed that Chuck Billy takes great delight in sharing my embarrassing stories.  Well Mr. Perfect finally had his own awkward moment this past weekend.  There we were enjoying a game of fetch on the beach.  Best yet, Mom remembered to bring the ChuckIt Launcher!  With one flick of the wrist we took off like lightening down the beach after our tennis ball.  Chuck Billy in the lead, and me in hot pursuit.  But he kept on running and passed the ball!

Confused I retrieved it while Chuck Billy continued bolting down the beach.  He was focused on two little humans who were playing their own game of fetch.  Before Dad could call him back, Chuck Billy grabbed their ball in midair and was happily running back with the boys following after him!  Panting with pride, he dropped their ball at Dad’s feet, ready for another round of fetch.  Chuck Billy was oblivious that he had the wrong ball!  He confused their Nerf ball with his beloved bacon scented squeaky ball!  Oh sure they were both orange and a similar size, but one sniff would have revealed his mistake.  Besides, our bacon scented squeaky ball was at home.  We were clearly playing with a tennis ball!

Luckily for us the boys were good natured, and thought Chuck Billy’s mistake was funny.  They even wanted to play with us, taking turns using our ChuckIt Launcher to see who could toss our ball the farthest.  It was awesome!  I love making new friends!  Meanwhile Chuck Billy tried to pretend it was his intention all along to get the boys to play with us.  Nice try Chuck Billy, but we know the truth!

Chuck Billy’s rebuttal: The sun got in my eyes, that’s all!  Besides, I’m not the one who spent most of last summer following other dogs down the beach consumed with ChuckIt Envy!

Hey where are you running to Chuck Billy? This is our ball!

Chuck Billy trying to act cool, as he watches the little humans leave with their Nerf ball.


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Chuck Billy is a Golden Retriever, living in Southern Maine, who likes to share his unique observations on life with his little brother Asa. When not writing his blog, he spends his days being awesome.

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