New BEEginnings

After months of waiting, they’re finally here!  Our two new colonies of Honey Bees! Thanks to a fellow beekeeper who made the trek to Georgia and back to deliver them, our new Bees arrived safe and sound.  Like any pet owner adding to their family, Asa and I are filled with anticipation.  Will they get along with our current Bees?  Will they like their new hives?  Will they forgive us for moving them from summer like weather in Georgia to a chilly Maine spring?

Well I’m happy to report, so far so good!  The ladies are happily moved into their new homes.  Asa decided to name his new hive, Dire Wolf Beez.  Yes, I know, it’s ridiculous.  But what can I do?  They’re his pets.  I, on the other paw, after careful consideration have decided to name my new colony Lemmeez Hive, in honor of my dear brother.  Honest, this as a sincere compliment!  For those of you who knew Lemmy, yes he was scared of Bees and would run whenever he heard one buzzing.  But it is only fitting he is represented in our happy little apiary!  As for our old Honey Bees, Chuck BEEly Bees are currently residing in Azzza Hive.  However, Dad has started the process to divide Azzza hive back into two separate hives.  So I’ll have my Chuck BEEly Bees again!  But more on that another day.  Today I’d like to introduce you to our new Bees!

Inspecting one of our new colonies of Honey Bees before they are released from their traveling nuc. Don’t worry Grandma, this is the closest I will ever get to my pet Bees!

They each made the long trek to Maine in their own screened and secure box for transportation.  Each box has their own Queen, who is trapped in her Queen cage within and will be rescued by her loyal subjects once Dad removes the cork.  She is currently surrounded by “Queen candy” which they will eat to open the entrance to the Queen cage to release her into the hive.

If you look closely you will see the Bees are on a cage. Within that cage is our fearless Queen! But first the Worker Bees must work together to release her inside their new hive.

After removing the Queen cage and putting it into the hive, Dad introduced the rest of the Bees.  Both hives have new frames in each so the Worker Bees can immediately begin getting settled in and making it their home.

While some Bees work at releasing the Queen, the others get to work making the new hive their home. Dad is pointing at where the Queen cage is located. I’d do it myself, but they don’t make protective gloves for Dogs!

Oddly enough by chance Dad chose colonies that each reflect our individual personalities.  The Honey Bees he housed in my Lemmeez Hive have a “seize the day” type of philosophy.  They definitely are not slackers as evident in how active they are buzzing around their hive.

My Honey Bees are all buzzing with excitement on moving day!

Asa’s Dire Wolf Beez are a different story.  As with him, they take a more relaxed approach to life, and are slowly moving into their hive.  Although they are happily buzzing around, they are by no means as enthusiastic as my Lemmeez Bees.  But as Asa pointed out, slow and steady wins the race, so we’ll just have to see how everyone adjusts to their new hives.

Asa’s Bees taking a much more relaxed approach to moving day. By the way, the hive behind them is called “Wild Thing” and if Dad catches a swarm they will go there or if we need an extra hive, it’s good to have one handy.

Asa giving our new Honey Bees a pep talk.  Unlike me, he doesn’t see this as a competition, and just hopes all the Bees are healthy and happy in their new hives.  I suppose he’s right.  But don’t tell him that!  Dire Wolf Beez…what a silly name for a hive!  Young pups have no imagination, these days.  I can’t wait to hear what he names his new Queen!


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Chuck Billy is a Golden Retriever, living in Southern Maine, who likes to share his unique observations on life with his little brother Asa. When not writing his blog, he spends his days being awesome.

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