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Asa and I love hiking, and sharing Dog Friendly Places with our friends.  However, I have to admit sometimes our artistic vision for the photos taken during these hikes differ greatly from Mom’s goal.  Since we weren’t able to go on a winter hike this past weekend, Asa and I thought we’d share with you some of our favorite poses from past adventures.  If you’d like to visit any of these great places to go hiking in winter, just click on the highlighted name under each for more information.

Roll with it: This is Asa favorite pose to do while hiking.  Whether it is snow, mud, or the occasional pile of deer droppings, he cannot resist rolling in it.  I admit it can be annoying when tethered to him.  However, I cannot deny this is a great selling point for trails that we visit.  After all, what dog doesn’t enjoy bringing home a souvenir after a good hike?

Shake it off: Now often times the “roll with it” pose is followed by the “shake it off.”  Just look at this fine example of Asa, demonstrating the shake.  Sure Mom could post a traditional photo of us smiling and enjoying the trail.  But don’t you see enough of those in your scrolling?  Captured in this photo is the true grit needed for of hiking after you get snow in your ears from rolling.

Squirrel! However, Asa and I also feel it is our responsibility to remind dogs about the dangers of hiking.  We strike the “squirrel” pose when we sense a critter is either sneaking up behind us, boldly darting in front of us, or in this case doing both!  We consider this to be our public service announcement for dogs new to hiking, reminding them that when out in the wild always keep your guard up!

The goofy Golden: Another pose that Mom often overlooks for her reviews is “the goofy Golden.”  Visiting new places is a lot of fun, so why not show it?  Take for example this photo from our recent visit to Portland Head Light.  Day after day visitors take the same old scenic views of this landmark.  But how many of them have thought to balance it on their head like Asa is doing here?  Pure artistic genius!

Enjoy the view: There are also times when we’d like to emphasize pausing during your hike to “enjoy the view.”  Sure we could pose nicely with a scenic view behind us.  But then people would no doubt focus on how cute we are and miss the big picture.  Therefore we feel looking in the opposite direction really drives the “enjoy the view” point home.

Look out coming through: Hikes are so much more than stopping to look at pretty views.  It’s about action!  It’s about adventure!  It’s about fun!  So another pose that we like to do is “look out coming through.”  And don’t worry, we’ve only knocked Mom down once while doing action shots!

Are we lost: And finally the number one pose we do for Mom on our hikes, is “Are we lost?”  No offense, but we worry when Mom and Dad pause a little too long to consult a trail map.  We’ve never been completely lost on a hike, but once we did take a one hour detour to get back to our car.  So I feel it is important to remind dogs always be prepared with a map and a compass.

To read our reviews and check out more of our signature poses, please visit our Maine Winter Dog Hikes post and our  Dog Friendly Places page!  Happy Hiking!


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Chuck Billy is a Golden Retriever, living in Southern Maine, who likes to share his unique observations on life with his little brother Asa. When not writing his blog, he spends his days being awesome.

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