Pamper Your K9 This Winter

Looking for the perfect gift for the dog who has everything?  This winter treat your dog to an in-home massage from Pampered Paws K9 Massage.  Winter can be a difficult time for dogs, especially for those who may be sick, suffering from a sports injury, or are experiencing the aches and pains of aging.  Certified K9 Massage Therapist, Jenn Schaaf, will personally travel to your home and pamper your pup with love while promoting healing, longevity and performance with a therapeutic massage.  K9 massage has all the same wonderful benefits for dogs as it does humans, and will leave your pet feeling relaxed and refreshed.

From deep tissue massages for dogs suffering from chronic illness including arthritis and hip dysplasia, to shorter sessions to see how your pup reacts to massage, to paw massages specially designed for wiggly puppies to help prepare them for being handled by the vet and groomers, Pampered Paws K9 Massage offers a variety of options.  Jenn will also work with your veterinarian to customize a treatment plan and regime based on their suggestions for your pup’s condition.  Pampered Paws K9 Massage offers discounts to working and service dogs, military members as well as police, fire and EMT.  Jenn travels to homes approximately in a one hour radius from Raymond, NH.

To learn more, please visit Jenn’s website at Pampered Paws K9 Massage.  There you can purchase Gift Certificates in any denomination or schedule an appointment.  You can also contact Pampered Paws K9 Massage via Facebook, email at or by calling/texting 603.661.1409.  Also be sure to check out the Pampered Paws K9 Massage on Facebook to see Jenn at work with her many satisfied customers!

Every paw deserves to be pampered by Pampered Paws K9 Massage


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