Pawsitively Best Friends, Newburyport, MA

Our favorite store to shop at in Newburyport is Pawsitively Best friends in Newburyport, MA.  The store has always been a fun place to stop with our dogs whenever we are visiting the downtown area.  One of our goals at LWAG is to connect people to dog friendly places as well as give back to the businesses that do a lot to make these places special.  Pawsitively Best Friends helps make downtown Newburyport a great place to explore with your dog.  Recently we had a chance to interview the owner, Pamela, to learn more about her and her business.

LWAG:  What is the story behind Pawsitively Best Friends?

Pamela:  I started the business in 1999 after leaving the field of social work.  At the time, I had 6 dogs and 2 cats and knew I wanted to work somehow with animals. I loved finding unique pet related gifts for people and found that finding quality products for my pets was difficult.   So with no retail experience,  I decided to start my own shop combining the two types of products.

LWAG:  I’m glad you took that leap of faith and your success speaks for itself.  How many years have you been at it?

Pamela:  Over 16 years and we have moved twice, both times doubling the size of the store. Last year was our recent move to 21 Market Square, just down the street from the location we were in for many years. 

LWAG:  Why did you choose Newburyport?

Pamela:  Newburyport is a great location for my shop because it is such a wonderfully dog friendly town.

LWAG:  The new location is great and your store has definitely evolved over the years.  What can you tell people about the products you sell?

Pamela:  We now carry a more complete line of pet supplies for both dogs and cats, including many premium pet food lines. We have also expanded our lines of “Made in the USA” and locally sourced toys, treats and gifts, many with a coastal theme. We carry a huge selection of collars, leashes and harnesses that includes leather, reflective, decorative ribbon, “no stink” for dogs who swim a lot, and “guaranteed even if chewed” options for both dogs and cats in sizes xxs through xl.  We have seasonal offerings of travel accessories, lifejackets, winter coats and boots as well as car seats, travel harnesses, seatbelts and portable water bowls.  Our staff of pet owners is specially trained to help customize the fit of coats, harnesses and boots. We also welcome special orders and are happy to ship your purchases.

LWAG: When we last visited we picked up a baseball cap to give to a friend.  You have such a great selection of gifts.

Pamela: Thanks, we offer a wide selection of gifts for those who love their pets, many breed specific items with choices available even in hard to find breeds. We also have many options for those who have mixed breeds pets and are looking for a sign, or magnet or leash holder to celebrate a rescue pet. We carry exclusive hand painted ornaments in more than 100 breeds. Our humorous dog and cat tees are always a hit for the pet lover as well as cards, books, games and housewares and garden items.

LWAG:  What dog friendly places do you recommend in the area?

Pamela:  There are many downtown shops that welcome pets.  Many area restaurants have outdoor seating where your pets can join you while you dine. In addition, many local bed and breakfasts accept pets including the Essex Street Inn and the Garrison Inn.

LWAG:  That’s one of the things we love about Newburyport, everyone is so friendly.  During our last visit someone we just met bought our dogs a big crunchy treat bone from your shop just because he liked our dogs.  Do you have seasonal hours?

Pamela:  We are open 7 days a week, year round and offer expanded evening hours during the summer and holiday season. Your pet is always welcome to shop with you in the store.

LWAG:  Thanks for taking the time to let our readers learn more about you and Pawsitively Best Friends.

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Pawsitively Best Friends in Newburyport, MA

Pawsitively Best Friends in Newburyport, MA


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