Pride Comes Before the Fall

Everyone knows I take great pride in protecting my family.  But all work and no play makes Chuck Billy a dull boy.  So I also like to let my guard down from time to time and celebrate my accomplishments.  However timing is everything, and recently boy did I mess up!  I can’t believe I totally ruined my reputation as a fierce Golden Wolf with a silly case of the zoomies!

It all happened last evening.  Mom and Dad were settling in to watch TV, Asa was playing with Ms. Caterpillar, and I was scouring the kitchen floor for any trace of food to help me get through this stupid diet.  That’s when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the slightest movement in our wood line.  Instantly I was at the window barking!  There were six Deer in our yard grazing very close to our apple tree saplings!  Last year just two Deer did a number on our little trees.  I wasn’t about to let 6 of them make a snack out of my budding orchard!  I ferociously growled and barked at them.  They instantly became frozen in fear as I held them at bay from my living room window.  But did Mom and Dad appreciate my efforts?  Nope!  Dad told me to stop barking and Mom started snapping pictures!  Even Asa was no help, as he happily wagged his tail while looking out at them with his favorite squeaky toy in his mouth.

However, I’m accustomed to my family letting me down in crisis situations.  I just knew I had to step up my game if I wanted to keep my yard safe from these leaf eating predators!  So I started running back and forth from the window to the door for someone to let me out.  Once again Mom misunderstood my actions as needing to go to the bathroom.  Seriously Mom, look at the big picture.  Yet regardless of the reason, Dad let us out.  Immediately I ran in the direction of the Deer, as they fled into the safety of the woods.  They’re just lucky the fence was there, or I would have really shown them my inner Golden Wolf!  I growled and paced along the fence to make sure the threat was over, while Asa happily ate dandelions.

Then that’s when I made that silly rookie mistake forever making me the laughing stock of the forest!  I celebrated too early!  I thought the Deer were gone so I started running around my yard in a victory lap!  I zoomed under the backstairs, zagged past the grill, and even jumped over Asa!  He soon followed suit and together we played and wrestled, rolling in the grass rejoicing in the fact that the Deer threat was gone!  That is until Dad started laughing and pointed out that the Deer were standing in the tree line on the opposite side of our yard watching me!  Dognabit!  They didn’t run deep into the woods as I thought.  Those sneaky Deer backtracked under the cover of the thick underbrush and trees, and emerged on the other side of our yard to watch my foolish behavior!  I’m so embarrassed!

I never should have taken that victory lap…*sigh*

Two Deer returning to the scene of the crime.  At least the others stayed in the woods.


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Chuck Billy is a Golden Retriever, living in Southern Maine, who likes to share his unique observations on life with his little brother Asa. When not writing his blog, he spends his days being awesome.

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