Purely Oh Dog Bakery’s May Special

If you haven’t tried Purely Oh Dog Bakery’s delicious limited ingredient, all-natural, grain-free, gluten-free dog treats and biscuits, now is the perfect time!  Purely Oh Dog Bakery is offering free shipping on all purchases over $20 through Memorial Day.  Or if you’re like Chuck Billy and Asa and already a big fan of their treats, this is a great time to try their new flavors including Dogminal Crackers, Biscuit Bites with Bacon, and Petal Blossoms with fresh ginger root.

Inspired by her dog Oscar’s struggle with strict dietary restrictions due to food allergies and her inability to find commercially made treats for him, Sarah Desiderio and her husband Mark began making their own treats that Oscar could tolerate.  While going through this difficult diagnosis for their beloved White Boxer, they realized that Oscar wasn’t the only dog out there with dietary restrictions.  Thus began Purely Oh Dog Bakery in 2013.  Since then Sarah has been baking these homemade treats with an emphasis on using locally sourced ingredients from New Hampshire.  Their all-natural, grain-free, gluten-free dog treats and biscuits are made with fresh, human-grade ingredients, with no chemical additives or preservatives; and all their products are registered with the State of New Hampshire and meet their pet food labeling requirements in accordance with the registration of Commercial Feeds (RSA 435:17-31).

For a complete list of Purely Oh Dog’s treats and biscuits, including Chuck Billy and Asa’s favorite chewy Peanut Butter Bones, please visit their Online Bakery to place your order.  For local businesses that sell Purely Oh Dog treats and biscuits, as well as a list of the farmer markets and events where you can purchase these treats, please visit PurelyOhDog.com.  And don’t forget, Free Shipping on all orders over $20 through Memorial Day (May 30, 2016)!

Purely Oh Dog Bakery

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