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Our Cacophony of Chirp, Bark, Howl

They say adversity brings people together.  Apparently the same holds true for Dogs and Coyotes.  Last night started like any other, but then it happened.  An infernal smoke detector began chirping indicating a battery needed to be changed!  With my ears perked up I sat motionless in the dark, holding my breath, waiting for the […]

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Coyote Hide and Seek

The Coyote brothers are up to their old tricks again.  For months they have been trespassing into my territory.  It all started on Thanksgiving when we saw one of the Coyote brothers headed across the field towards Inky’s house.  He was no doubt pretending to be a distant relative in search of a family meal. […]

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On Friday I thought I was so clever to arrange for a substitute guard dog.  However after a weekend of tail wagging fun exploring new places, I returned to discover the unfortunate consequences of my reckless behavior.  Due to a series of unforeseen events I learned an important lesson – I’m irreplaceable!  I never should […]

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