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Thanks for Noticing Me, Mr. Bot

Grandma is always saying, “it’s a strange new world.”  I think she may be right, especially when it comes to social media.  The other day my post on searching for Dad’s earbuds got retweeted by someone who “tweets everything gadgets, electronics and technology.”  This confused me at first.  Why would my blog about Asa selfishly […]

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Our Cacophony of Chirp, Bark, Howl

They say adversity brings people together.  Apparently the same holds true for Dogs and Coyotes.  Last night started like any other, but then it happened.  An infernal smoke detector began chirping indicating a battery needed to be changed!  With my ears perked up I sat motionless in the dark, holding my breath, waiting for the […]

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Keeping it Positive while in the Negative

Mother Nature, I don’t like your negative attitude.  Well actually it is your negative wind chills I don’t like.  Anyways, you can’t bring me down!  I’ve decided to stay positive about the recent bone chilling temperatures and the foot of snow on the way tomorrow.  In short, I’m keeping it positive while in the negative! […]

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