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My Brother’s a Genius…Sometimes

My brother is a genius…sometimes.  Yesterday was not one of those days.  It’s been bitter cold here the past few days, so going outside to play hasn’t been an option.  Not to mention our backyard has turned into an ice rink.  So unless we learn how to skate, fetch just isn’t a good idea.  However […]

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One-Sided Conversations

Way to go science ruining the good deal dogs had going!  I have to admit I’m insulted by the recent study that revealed dogs understand language.  Of course we understand language!  One swipe through social media would have saved these researchers’ time because they would have seen that dogs comment daily on the actions of […]

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Inspired by the Olympics, Asa and I decided to show off our athletic prowess by competing in a Dog-cathlon.  Well, actually make that a Dog-Cat-lon, since we asked our kitty cousin Misty to judge our friendly competition.  As with the Olympic decathlon, our tournament consisted of traditional track and field events to showcase our skills […]

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