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It’s time that Asa starts earning his keep around here.  No, I’m not giving him his own column!  He’s not ready for that responsibility.  However, I am putting him in charge of our Store.  Every so often we get asked where we purchased a toy we’ve mentioned in a story or for more information about dog gear seen in some of our photos and videos.  So I decided to help folks learn more by setting up a Store.  These are all items that we use on a regular basis, and wouldn’t hesitate buying again ourselves and recommend to friends and family.  And let’s face it, we consider all of you as our friends and family.  I put Asa in charge of our Store, because well…I don’t think he can mess this up.  He just needs to write short reviews of the products and periodically update it.

We’re not out to rival any pet supply stores.  Nor are we going to try to sell you anything and everything under the sun.  Nor are we sponsored by any of the products promoted.  We simply want to share information about products that we use, that we’ve been asked about from you, our readers, or by folks we’ve met while out on our adventures.  You’ll recognize the items listed from our posts and photos.

Asa’s General Store is set up through Amazon.com because it is an easy way to connect you with these items.  Now in the interest of full disclosure, items purchased through our link earns us a small percent in profit.  Trust me, the financial gains are minimal.  Mom and Dad won’t be quitting their day jobs any time soon…or ever at that rate.  But if over time, thanks to your support, we earn enough for a new bacon scented squeaky ball, well that would be awesome, and we thank you.

Also, we continue to value the local small businesses and independent entrepreneurs we promote from time to time on Living with a Golden.  Asa’s General Store is by no means intended to overshadow the great products that we’ve recommended from them that are not available on Amazon.  You can still find the links to their sites under our Local Businesses category on our website.

So please check out Asa’s General Store on our website.  Let us know what you think.  If there’s an item we missed that you’d like us to add, don’t hesitate to tell us.  Also please check back periodically because we’ll be adding seasonal items from time to time.  You can always find the Store link at the top of LivingwithaGolden.com.  Oh and if Asa is slacking off as store manager, please let me know immediately!

Right this way to Asa’s General Store!


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Chuck Billy is a Golden Retriever, living in Southern Maine, who likes to share his unique observations on life with his little brother Asa. When not writing his blog, he spends his days being awesome.

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