Monthly Archives: August 2016

Tyler Brook, Kennebunkport, ME

Extend your dog friendly hike at the Emmons Preservation in Kennebunkport, Maine, by visiting the adjacent Tyler Brook Preserve.  The Tyler Brook Preserve is connected to the Emmons Preserve by way of the Batson River Trail.  This 1.3 mile trail winds its way through dense forest, open meadows, and wetlands.  We hiked Tyler Brook during […]

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For Those About to Walk

Once again Adolescent Asa has discovered a “new” song, and has decided to put his own spin on the lyrics.  For the past week every morning he has been singing, “For Those About to Walk.”  Yep, this time Asa is reinterpreting the lyrics to AC/DC’s classic anthem For Those About to Rock.  Seriously Mom, you […]

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Emmons Preserve, Kennebunkport, ME

Emmons Preserve in Kennebunkport, Maine offers approximately 2 miles of educational dog friendly hiking.  Maintained by the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust, Emmons Preserve consists of four trails with scenic overlooks and historic sites.  On the day we visited we hiked the Batson River Trail and the Learning Trail which features signage with information on the environment […]

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