Asa’s Breaking Point

Asa reached his breaking point!  Don’t worry, nothing is actually broken.  Asa just has a hot spot behind his ear.  He’s had them before, with little effect on his mood.  But this time was completely different.  My usually happy-go-lucky little brother was angry, and he wanted us to know it!

It all started yesterday afternoon with a small hot spot.  So small in fact Mom didn’t notice it when she was brushing him.  Therefore, it was up to me to bring it to her attention with my powerful nose.  If there’s one thing I’ve trained my parents, it’s to pay attention if my nose focuses in on something.  They call me Dr. Chuck Billy, you know.  Anyways, like I said, it was small.  Dad trimmed away the fur so air could get at it and Mom cleaned it.  Then they kept an eye on Asa so he wouldn’t be tempted to scratch it and irritate it more.  Well Asa wanted none of that.  He was determined to scratch his wound!

First he tried being nonchalant about it, by pretending to be playing with his toys.  When he thought no one was looking he’d go in for the scratch only to be told “NO!”  Then he tried to be sneaky about it, and would go into a different room.  But Mom and Dad knew what he was up to, and quickly called him back to them.  Seriously, it’s like Mom and Dad have eyes on the back of their heads.  Finally after multiple unsuccessful attempts, Asa started blatantly scratching right in front of them and refused to stop.  Thus making the once small hot spot into a much bigger irritation!  This gave our parents no choice but to put the cone of shame on him.

Now my little brother is what our Great Nana would call an “Odd Duck.”  Would you believe he loves wearing the cone of shame?  Seriously!  The little goofball thinks it is fun, and will happily stretch his head forward to help put it on.  But not this time!  Asa barked at the sight of the cone.  Yes, you read that right.  My brother who barks at nothing, not even Squirrels or Cats, barked at the cone of shame!  Despite his protest, Dad got the cone on him, while explaining he only had to wear it a little while until he stopped scratching, and Mom cooed her apologies.

That’s when Asa did something even more shocking than barking.  Something the little guy never did before – ever!  He got mad!  In case you’re wondering how do you know if a Golden Retriever is mad at you?  He turns his back on you and doesn’t want to be with you!  No Golden ever wants to be alone.  It’s totally against our nature.  Yet that’s exactly what Asa did!  Asa, who is always glued to someone’s side, especially Mom, laid down a good body length out of reach and refused to look at anyone.  He didn’t respond when they said his name.  He refused treats when they offered them to him.  Asa even growled at me…Yes, ME!…when I tried to comfort the little guy.

I have to say those 23 minutes were the longest in my life!  But as sudden as this angry outburst came on, Asa returned to being his happy-go-lucky self again.  Mom and Dad were able to remove the cone, and just monitor him.  And despite the overwhelming desire to itch, he didn’t.  At night the cone had to go back on for bed, but Asa happily pranced around with it, like it was some badge of honor.  This morning I’m happy to report that the hot spot is showing signs of healing, and all is right in his world again.  But what about my world?  Because of Asa’s selfish hot spot, Mom and Dad have canceled MY beach romps until further notice!  They said it wouldn’t be fair to Asa because he needs to keep his wound clean and dry.  What about what’s fair for me?!  Excuse me, I think I feel my breaking point coming on…

Shocking photographic proof of an angry Asa!

I’m sorry for my outburst yesterday, especially for barking and turning my back on everyone. I’ll never let my anger get the better of me again! Love, Asa


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Chuck Billy is a Golden Retriever, living in Southern Maine, who likes to share his unique observations on life with his little brother Asa. When not writing his blog, he spends his days being awesome.

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