Be My Valentine

I couldn’t help but notice that there’s been a lot on TV about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  There are cooking shows on preparing the perfect meal, segments on the ideal location to spend the day, and ads for ways to show love ranging from jewelry to a new car.  These are all nice, and it is good to let people know that you love them.  However, once again I feel like Humans are missing the big picture.  Valentine’s Day isn’t just one day on the calendar, it is a state of mind.  Well lucky for you, Dogs live each day like it is Valentine’s Day!  Here is a handy Valentine mnemonic to remind you how to truly show everyone that you love them each and every day.

Value every relationship

Always greet with enthusiasm

Love unconditionally

Enjoy simple moments spent together

Never hold grudges

Treat everyone with respect

Insist on more playtime together

Never pass up an opportunity to cuddle

Every day is Valentine’s Day

Ok, I admit even if Valentine’s Day is every day, we’d like some extra treats today to celebrate.


About the author

Chuck Billy is a Golden Retriever, living in Southern Maine, who likes to share his unique observations on life with his little brother Asa. When not writing his blog, he spends his days being awesome.

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