Dog Winter Olympics

The Dog Winter Olympics are finally here!  Today Asa and Chuck Billy will be competing in the dog-cathlon!  Yes, the decathlon is normally considered to be a Summer Olympics sport.  However at the Dog Olympics, we like to make these track and field sports more difficult by showing off the athletes’ running and jumping skills in the snow.  They have been training for this moment for years.  Yet it all comes down to today’s events.  First up, the 1500 meters run, which may or may not actually be 1500 meters.

Chuck Billy clearly takes the lead in the first event of the Dog Winter Olympics.

Asa is off to a slow start.  Will he find his stride and confidence to take over the lead?  Or will Chuck Billy continue to crush the competition?  Next up, everyone’s favorite event, the hurdles!

Once again Chuck Billy is in first place with the best performance of his career!

Let’s take another look at the speed and poise that went into Chuck Billy’s jump.

As you can clearly see, Chuck Billy cleared the hurdle with ease…

…Asa, not so much, failing to stick the landing.

Chuck Billy is headed for Gold in the dog-cathlon, but there is still a chance for Asa to take the lead.  Asa is currently ranked among the top competitors in the discus throw, and can easily make up some much needed ground here.

Look at that concentration as Asa mentally prepares himself to throw the discus.

Oh it was a good throw…until Chuck Billy dived and caught it. He will be penalized for this event.

This one mistake could change everything.  Did this penalty shake Chuck Billy’s confidence?  Will Asa seize this opportunity and fight for his medal?  Anything is now possible.  Up next, the pole vaulting competition.

Little known fact: Chuck Billy is the top Golden Retriever in the country in pole vaulting.

The crowd is spellbound as they wait for his leap of faith…And Chuck Billy vaults into the hearts of millions with his masterful performance!  What a moment!  While the world cheers, Asa uses this time to refocus on the team relay race.  He and Chuck Billy will be joining forces in the relay race, and are the odds on favorites because there are no other teams competing this year.

Asa successfully passes the baton to Chuck Billy, with this strong and powerful performance.

It now all comes down to this last event in the dog-cathlon, the Alpine marathon.  It is late in the day, and Chuck Billy’s legs are getting tired.  Asa still has the fire in his heart, if he can find the strength in his legs, he could still take over the lead.  The crowd grows silent as we watch the Alpine marathon.  Which again, may or may not actually be 26.2 miles.

And the crowd goes wild as Chuck Billy emerges from the woods as the winner of the Alpine marathon!

Asa collapsing at the finish line after giving it his all in the dog-cathlon.

Traditionally during the Summer Olympics, the title of “World’s Greatest Athlete” has been given to the winner of the decathlon.  However, here at the Dog Winter Olympics, we all bring home the Gold, because everything we do is pure Golden!  So after congratulating each other with a hug, Asa and Chuck Billy will be celebrating their victories over a cold bowl of water in front of the warm pellet stove.

Chuck Billy and Asa celebrating that everyone is a winner at the Dog Winter Olympics!


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Chuck Billy is a Golden Retriever, living in Southern Maine, who likes to share his unique observations on life with his little brother Asa. When not writing his blog, he spends his days being awesome.

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