Eagle Lake Sled Dog Races 2018

The Eagle Lake Sled Dog Races is the perfect event to cure your cabin fever and to learn about this exciting winter sport for dogs.  The tenth annual Irving Woodlands / Eagle Lake 100 and Mad Bomber 30 Mile Sled Dog Races will be taking place this weekend in Eagle Lake, Maine with over 200 dogs from across Eastern North America running through town on their way to Moose Point Camps on Fish River Lake and back.  The action starts at 10:00 AM Saturday, January 13, 2018 on Convent Road, Eagle Lake, and continues all weekend with two races: a 30-mile race (8 dogs per team) and a 100-mile race (12 dogs per team), with a prize total of $7,000!

The Eagle Lake Sled Dog Race is FREE for spectators.  For more information, please visit EagleLakeSledDogRaces.com.  There you’ll find directions and schedule for the races.  For photos and trail updates, follow the action on Facebook.

Ever since he was a puppy, Asa has dreamed of being a sled dog. Check out trained sled dogs this weekend at the 10th annual Eagle Lake Sled Dog Races!


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