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Conspicuous Consumption

Ok, I get it.  Puppies explore the world by putting everything into their mouths.  But Asa is certainly pushing the limits by treating our morning walks like a puppy smorgasbord!  Must he stop and sample every maple tree seed, pinecone and twig that he sees?  Worst yet, why does he insist on licking worms and […]

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Trash Bag Piñata: Ode to Garbage Day

My parents clearly don’t enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  Each week they grumble about Garbage Day.  But for me that’s the best day of the week!  The festivities begin with Mom making a trash bag piñata using the kitchen garbage.  Asa and I fill with anticipation as she lifts that wonderful smelling bag out […]

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Vengeance Is Mine!

Nooooo!!!  The most horrific event happened in my neighborhood this morning!  Our town’s Department of Public Works took away my branches!  I was helpless to intervene while the maintenance workers slowly moved along our street inserting the fallen branches into their wood chipper.  If only I had thumbs so I could open the door to […]

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