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Indiana Chuck Billy

Recently a friend shared with me an article on K9 Artifacts Finders, whose mission is to train dogs to find looted artifacts in order to help customs officers stop the illegal smuggling of cultural property from archaeological sites, museums, libraries, archives, and other locations.  Red Arch Cultural Law and Policy Research is teaming up with Penn […]

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In Remembrance of War Dogs

On this Memorial Day, please pause to remember our smallest soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Located at the Hillside Acre Animal Cemetery in Methuen, Massachusetts are two monuments dedicated to the memory of War Dogs for their unwavering loyalty and dedication to their country.  In addition, nestled among the 18,000 graves in this tranquil pet […]

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Thank You K9 Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, we would like to thank retired Military Working Dogs for their bravery and loyalty while courageously serving and protecting our country.  Dogs have served in combat alongside US soldiers during every major conflict since the American Revolution, but they were not officially recognized until World War II.  Today there are […]

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