War Dog Memorial, Barrington, NH

This Memorial Day if you should find yourself in Barrington, NH, please take a moment to visit the War Dog Memorial.  Dedicated in 2002 by the American Legion Post 114 of Barrington, NH and located in Pine Grove Cemetery, this simple yet touching memorial is dedicated to all Military Dogs who have served our country so selflessly.

Dogs have been formally serving in the United States military since World War II.  Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, more than 10,000 dogs were used by the US Government to serve alongside our soldiers as messengers, sentries, and bomb sniffers.  Roles they continue to faithfully serve today.  Prior to World War II dogs were providing support to our troops as mascots, often accompanying them into war.  At Gettysburg there is a touching memorial to Sallie, the smallest member of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry, who stood firm in her position at the firing line, barking at the enemies.  To see a complete list of War Dog Memorials in this country, please visit The Vietnam Dog Handler Association’s website.

So please on this Memorial Day, take a moment to pause and remember these unsung heroes.

“In Memory of Those War Dogs Who Were Truly Man’s Best Friend.”

War Dog Memorial in Barrington, NH

War Dog Memorial in Barrington, NH


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  1. Joseph Malik

    I recently watched War Dog a soldier’s best friend towards the end of the presentation David Nielsen was at a memorial for war dogs and his dog which is still missing in action pepper there is a paver with peppers name on it and date and a designation off to the right I think if I remember right it was 01 f could you tell me what that means I’d really appreciate it I’ve been looking for hours thank you

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