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Christmas Cat Conspiracy Theory

Has anyone else noticed the eerie similarity between Cats and creepy Elves?  No, not in appearance!  But I couldn’t help but notice that they share many characteristics.  Cats and Elves both sit unmoving in various locations around our homes, silently staring long enough to give you an unsettled feeling, and judging your every move.  Also they […]

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Proof Dogs Rule and Cats Drool

Sorry cats, after centuries of debate the verdict has finally been reached.  Dogs are indeed smarter than cats!  According to an international team of scientists from six universities, dogs’ brains have more than twice as many cortical neurons than cats’ brains.  These neurons are linked to thinking, planning and complex behavior.  Thus making dogs smarter […]

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Chuck Billy’s Kryptonite

Asa here.  Chuck Billy put me in charge of today’s post because he’s trapped in the backyard.  This may come as a shock, but my supposedly fearless big brother, like all superheroes, does have one tragic flaw that renders him powerless.  Chuck Billy’s kryptonite is Snakes.  One slithered past him in the tall grass this […]

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